“ Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Over 1 billion of adults are underbanked & 2.5bn are out of the financial system but smartphone penetration is rocketing


• ¾ of the world’s poor don’t have access to banks (Global Findex)

• 59% of adults in the developing economies don’t have an account at financial institution

• 77% of adults earning less than $2/day

• 55% of borrowers in developing economies use only informal sources of credit

• In 2020 there will over 3 billion smartphones in use. Africa alone 200 million.


SEECRA brings a financial empowerment marketplace technology, offering a unique system that creates value to over 50% of the world’s population that is excluded from the global economic system. The size of market is massive, and the needs for a platform that enables a solution for this audience of 3.5 billion people is particularly powerful.

Our unique offer is a holistic app ecosystem proposition with a blockchain, AI driven financial marketplace that enables messaging and reward solutions. A blockchain app that combines fintech and messaging functionality. One that works like wechat and amazon and rewards users for their data, empowering them financially.

We bring an experienced team. Our team has worked with leading biggest global organisations, governments, corporations and media.

Our technology, product IP uses Blockchain, AI and Fintech cutting edge solutions, software and UI and UX. We have access to 40 million people and working to expand to 200 million people in the near future.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about you can be involved in our mission.


Digital ID

Using KYC and AML we store our users' IDs securely in the Blockchain.


Add, buy, sell FIAT and Crypto with our digital wallet allowing frictionless exchange and purchases.


A blockchain cybersecurity driven platform


A flexible decentralised marketplace for blockchain based m-commerce, open to all.


We securely store ID and transaction data. Blockchain putting users in control.


More and more customers expect services delivered over messaging. Send money, transact, chat

AI tech

We're using AI technology and machine learning to optimise our service for our users.


Bringing access to banking can transform lives by giving users control.