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Turn threat intelligence into actionable, practical and applicable knowledge that reduces your organization’s exposure to emerging threats.

How Can Seecra Help?

Seecra offers market-leading training used as the foundation for enterprise, government, and educational institution cyber ranges.

Be ahead of the game!

Our Professional Services team have the expertise to work with you to create your cyber range and train your cyber soldiers.
With Seecra cyber range, you’ll improve the capabilities of your network defence, through ensuring the resiliency of your cybersecurity, and that your blue teams and red teams are qualified for real-world cyber scenarios by enabling them to train as they compete against cyberattacks.

Setting the Standard in
Cybersecurity Training & Educations

Seecra Cybersecurity labs educates Cybersecurity students and Cybersecurity professionals in “hands-on” lab environments on topics that include:

  • Incident response
  • Malware analysis
  • Computer, media and mobile device exploitation
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment
  • Reverse engineering
  • Information assurance and cyber forensics.
  • Our students trained on the latest Cybersecurity practices and methodologies, whether in a classroom, workplace or at home.
  • Our labs are mapped directly to specific learning objectives from governing institutions and Cybersecurity communities of practice, including the NICE National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework and DoD Directive 8140.

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Humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity chain

Empower your employees to make secure decisions.

Our Security Awareness Training programs trusted by leading enterprises help you to reduce risks and strengthen your human firewall.

· Reduce Malware Infections
· Reduce Data Breach
· Reduce Potential Cyberattacks
· Boost User Productivity

Cyber Security Awareness Training Objectives

Todays most popular security tools focus on protecting the perimeter they manage endpoints and patch system vulnerabilities. But cybercriminals are no longer targeting infrastructure – they are targeting humans. It’s the distracted user who clicks on an email attachment or the eager customer who fills in credentials in a pixel-perfect phishing page which is vulnerable. It’s becoming more and more evident that employees and regulated users need to be at the centre of your strategy when building a robust cybersecurity approach in the era of highly sophisticated attacks.

meta analysis

Measure the effectiveness of awareness training and phishing campaign responses.

state analysis

Coordinated long term awareness training plan which is continuously managed across its lifecycle.

plain analysis

Comply with State and Local Information Security laws and policies as they develop and be prepared for audits from shareholders and authorities.

hybrid analysis

Change employees behaviour


Develop a suitable program for your enterprise size, covering all your employees.


Support enterprise requirements for the management of security risks

meta analysis

Inspire employees to make security decisions for themselves and the organisation that align with enterprise security performance objectives and expectations.

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Ahead in Prevention, Expanding in Services’ Scope 

Clients need to know they are sufficiently protected against an attack and will be able to resist a security breach should it arise. Conducting scheduled assessments such as penetration testing are the best tools to offer them such assurance.

The security and the integrity of your information is our top priority.

We help protect both you and your company from the possibility of unnecessary litigation, and potentially of severe financial loss resulting from a cyber-breach.

SEECRA provides the most complete and thorough set of assessment services available in this industry. We firmly believe that being proactive as opposed to reactive is a key to preventing immediate and future risks.

We offer the followinG SERVICES:
  • testing1

    White Box Or Black Box Testing

    White Box Or Black Box Testing

    A penetration test can determine whether a system is vulnerable to attack, if it’s defenses are adequate, and which cases, if any, the test defeated. Our team is able to simulate a real-life event through black or white box testing to give clients a clear view of the risks they face.

    Blind testing or Full Disclosure testing are also available.

  • testing2

    Wireless Network Penetration Testing

    Wireless Network Penetration Testing

    An insecure wireless network opens your organization to the external world and represents a security risk.

    Wireless Network Penetration Testing covers a list of activities:

    Testing the protective measures on WPA / WPA2 / WEP / WPS.

    SEECRA identifies the wireless infrastructure components that can be discovered and connected to.

    Security mechanisms enforced by use of Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) and Open Source Security Testing Methodology (OPSSTM).

  • testing3

    Web Application Penetration Testing

    Web Application Penetration Testing

    This is a process of an active analysis of the application for any weaknesses, technical flaws, or vulnerabilities.

    Any security issues that are found will be presented to the system owner, together with an assessment of the impact, a proposal for mitigation or a technical solution. SEECRA provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the security of web-based applications, as a foundation for our web application assessment methodology.

  • testing4

    Mobile Application Penetration Testing

    Mobile Application Penetration Testing

    SEECRA’s services can protect you from the latest mobile application security threats. They have been specifically designed to identify configuration and deployment flaws associated with integrating application solutions into a corporate environment and provide detailed remediation advice.

    We use proven methodology to identify security flaws unique to your application technology. We assess the architecture and configuration of the mobile hosting environment, evaluate both.

  • testing5

    Social Engineering Penetration Testing

    Social Engineering Penetrations Testing

    SEECRA’s also employs the use of a Social Engineering Penetration Test, designed to mimic attacks that malicious social engineers will use to breach your company.

    We employ a number of techniques to include all methods of phone, Internet-based, and onsite engagements. Service consists of a full report of findings and mitigation recommendations which will be confidentially debriefed to your executive staff and security team.

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erp security

Penetration tests are designed to reveal system breaches that attackers rely on to get access to business-critical data or even use it for espionage, fraud or to sabotage your business operations.

Seecra penetration testers have rich experience in SAP and enterprise business application security. And you can completely trust their judgement.

SAP Security testing is intended to help your organization, you’re welcome to hire a 3rd party experts to provide another opinion. The benefits of this service are significant provided that you adopt all recommended measures.

  • We will identity the most critical vulnerabilities with blackbox scan;
  • We will detect all systems vulnerabilities and exploit them.
  • We will gain access to connected systems via RFC links and other trusted connections;
  • We will decrypt user passwords and test them on other systems
  • We will post-exploit and gather information to break connected systems;
  • We will gain access to business-critical data and provide you with proof of concept.
  • List of Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations found;
  • Real attack vectors describing how your systems can be exploited;
  • Business Risks related to the exploitation of those vulnerabilities;
  • Detailed recommendations for Vulnerability Patching;
  • Security Guidelines for General System Configuration.

We pride ourselves in delivering unmatched services, conducting daily security research in SAP solutions and security assessment for SAP SE, is our core business. You can be assured you’ve picked the right company to help you with all of your SAP security issues.

Our experts have held lectures at over 60 conferences world wide. We’ve earned our success and bring the best to the table by focusing on your needs.

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Atm-Security Assessments

Did you know that ATMs are extremely vulnerable to a variety of risks?

In recent years, they have become a magnet for hackers and organized crime, as these groups and individuals come up with increasingly more sophisticated techniques to steal customers’ card information, PIN Data, introduce malware and viruses, use text messaging systems to get cash withdrawal, and many more. With a significant and growing threat, any financial institution that does protect itself, is at serious risk.

Our banking security experts have over a decade of experience developing vulnerability assessment tests that will discover any glitch in your security system and looks specifically at Trojan, Skimmer and Ploutus attacks on your software, hardware, and communication protocol.

At Seecra we also offer custom tools unique to your environment, and we can demonstrate the impact on your business if such attacks happen.


While performing a security audit, we will be able to identify your most critical vulnerabilities. These are the areas that will need immediate attention and changes need to be made.

We meticulously look for the following issues:

  • Software vulnerabilities and ATM-specific network services, suchs as flaws that hackers can utilize to exit kiosk mode and obtain unauthorized access to the operating system of the ATM.
  • Security software weaknesses that allow attackers to bypass security controls
  • BIOS security weaknesses
  • Insufficient security at the ATM’s component devices (PIN pad, dispenser unit, card reader, etc.), including vulnerabilities in communications via XFS that can allow attackers unauthorized access to these devices
  • Network communication vulnerability, lack of encryption in communication between the ATM and the processing center. An attacker can create a fake processing center and use it to withdraw cash or intercept track-two data.
  • Payment card data leakage – We strictly follow all internationally recognized information security standards and regulations (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and PIN Transaction Standards (PCI PTS) ATM Security Guidelines, Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) Threat Classifica

SEECRA is working with major international banks to secure their networks. Our complete assessment of ATM security uses in-depth analysis methods to perform:

  • Comprehensive test of main system components
  • Check the general system information
  • Validation of data transfer protocols
  • Review of hardware and software versions and configuration
  • Inspection of network communicationss

Based on the information our experts gather in the discovery phase, security assessments will be performed that include but are not limited to the flowing:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities in communications between the ATM and processing center
  • Finding ATM vulnerabilities, including zero-day vulnerabilities in both software and hardware
  • Deploying custom exploitation tools that will verify these vulnerabilities and demonstrate the potential impact on your business operations, customer accounts, and customer data

In order to carry out analysis, we require access to:

  • An ATM cabinet in your test environment that is connected to your processing center
  • The ATM’s system unit and sample credentials for all ATM user roles
  • Access to virtual machines, ISO images of the OS, and/or copies of the software installed on all ATMs

While some assessments can be conducted remotely via VPN, it might be necessary to return to your test environment to verify and demonstrate the vulnerabilities we find.

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ICS/SCADA -Security Assessments

SEECRA ICS experts posses comprehensive experience working with different industries, such as oil refineries, banks, utility providers, transportation systems, and many more.

Our custom-fit approach will cater to your specific processes and operational technologies. Security research is our top priority. Our team of experts already discovered more than 200 zero-day vulnerabilities in leading ICS and SCADA systems through our detailed investigations.

SEECRA offers a full range of ICS-specific security services, including:

The assessment begins with performing an internal penetration testing to determine the potential vulnerabilities in an ICS environment, systems and components.

Here is a list of steps we take:

  • Evaluating the resilience of your network security, and identifying weaknesses that can allow attackers access to your LAN
  • Analysis of your network traffic to identify if attackers can access sensitive information
  • Identification of all types of devices, operating systems, and applications included in the LAN segment
  • Detecting weak network services
  • Access control weaknesses evaluation, poorly protected storage servers with confidential information, or weak firewall configuration
  • Password Policy analysis, inspection of the network traffic for information derived from a password (NTLM, MD5 hash, etc.). Generating a passive list of passwords tested against your ICS components along with a dictionary of common passwords
  • Network infrastructure security levels testing
  • Evaluation of the most critical vulnerabilities found, and the possibility of attackers to get access to the network beyond the test segment, or to critical ICS components, SCADA and controllers

Our experts perform a combination of tests, visual inspections, interviews with key personnel, and verification of configuration settings for all ICS components, to determine systems’ security and vulnerabilities.

SEECRA specialists will provide also:

  • Network architecture analysis to check specifically for proper network segmentation (separation between controllers, servers, and workstations)
  • Procedures for applying updates
  • Anti-virus protection evaluation
  • Workstation accounts and administrator privileges, security levels assessment
  • Firewall rules efficiency
  • Password policies review
  • Automatic job blocking test
  • Management interfaces to your PLC, switches, and routers review
  • Engineering workstations and servers separation placement
  • Communication ports security test (operator workstation, servers, and engineering stations)
  • Windows shell access verification on operator workstations
  • Backup network test (switches, routers, firewalls), controllers, and critical servers
  • Undeclared protocols check in control segments
  • Security cabinet and telecoms equipment test
  • ICS accessibility verfication
  • ICS interaction with external systems test
  • Connectivity to the Internet for all ICS components
  • Industrial-grade equipment: routers, switches, firewalls, converters, media, usage check.

Unfortunately when an actual attack happens, it’s due to an exploitation of a combination of vulnerabilities in key system components. Our experts can demonstrate to you how easily data is obtained, through access to control of key ICS components, and also work on designing an overall plan to minimize weaknesses and fortify your protection.

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