With our vast experience in aiding government, law enforcement, and corporations, we proved to be an extremely reliable partner.

Our consultants work meticulously when forming strategy, design, and implementation of forensic laboratories, followed by extensive hands-on training and second-line field support.

SEECRA’s team of experts utilize Digital Forensics Labs experience and know-how to process computer, mobile, network, Cloud forensics and data recovery cases. And to assist in the implementation of your lab Standard Operation procedures to fit your local requirements and simultaneously align with international standards.

We can help you in the hard journey of acquiring certifications such as ISO/IEC 17025 allowing your Digital Forensics lab to become an internationally recognized lab.

Whatever you require to set up a small lab (2-4 investigator) or a large lab (100+ investigator), SEECRA has the necessary skills to support you and your team.

World Class Technology