SEECRA provides physical solutions to protect your critical infrastructures such as your data centre, power Grid, national archive against Fire, Water, Dust, Corrosive gasses Explosions or advanced threats Like EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) attacks.

With some of the most experienced consultants in the business, we are bringing you expertise accumulated for over thirty-five years of electrical engineering design and commissioning of more than one hundred and fifty data centres.

We will help you with the entire process starting with the data centre project design to commissioning, with training and full support, and offer a one-stop turnkey solution with consultancy, product selection, to budgeting and execution. A coordinated effort is resulting in an efficient, secure and fully functioning data centre.

We apply the best practice and modern technologies to design and build data centres. Furthermore, our consultants will implement the highest energy efficiency standards, and plan the most sophisticated cooling systems as well as install high-security fire and access control parameters. This is successfully built in advanced redundancy and control to maximize uptime.

World Class Technology