Seecra AppScanner is a powerful security analysis tool designed to automatically scan applications to detect vulnerability to hacking, data leaks, malicious code, and other weaknesses. Both internally developed and external applications (used in BYOD) can be analyzed, allowing organizations to protect their employees and IT assets from external threats.

Seecra AppScaner fast and accurate scans enable organizations to analyze every new version of all applications that they distribute to their customers. Modules developed by subcontractors and 3rd party libraries can also be scanned to detect any potential security issues that could affect their customers. By scanning all new revisions, Seecra AppScanner lets you identify possible regressions on time, which also saves development costs and resources.

Its fully automated scan process means that Seecra AppScanner can be used to aid the application vetting of internal and public app stores. It provides a comprehensive yet simple overview of all scanned applications that could be used to integrate with existing solutions. It does not require any deep and costly expertise to conduct scans and interpret their results.

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