I have worked with SEECRA for many years now. SEECRA has been a central resource for my clients and myself too. Whenever there arises a threat or potential of data breaching, malicious code and other weaknesses, either at the workplace our private lives, there is only one place to turn to for help – SEECRA. A threat of data leakage, malicious codes, malwares, are, of course, a night-mare, and when a client is under such a threat there is no time to waste. SEECRA is always there for my clients whenever I call, day or night, weekday or weekend. SEECRA’s response is always immediate and thorough, and they bring great comfort to my clients, and to me, knowing that trained, experienced, professional experts are there to quickly detect the vulnerabilities and come up with high quality security analysis. All of my referrals to SEECRA have borne positive results, and have completely satisfied the clients. I recommend SEECRA and their team of experts without reservation.

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